Late night stir fry

Ahh Coronas – the poor and sorry excuse for a beer. When I first drank this beer after my good friend telling me HOW good it is, I was bitterly disappointed. The night I had at the pub after though, would be to say interesting at best. It began with with myself house-sitting for some […]

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The view of it all

At this point of my life, I had just really got used to being able to drink copious amount of alcohol without sustaining too much damage. Yet in this case, this beer almost ended my life; Carlton Dry Lime you are one serious son of a bitch. After one afternoon of slaving away in the […]

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The one that started it all

I feel like a good place to start is probably from the beginning.  My first beer – ever. Tooheys New in a tin, I thought it couldn’t get better. But I always enjoy it every time. Essentially Tooheys New is classic, easy drinking Australian lager. Smooth malt character is perfectly balanced with light hop aroma. Which […]

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